Before you take on the daunting task of handling your insurance claim on your own, consider the following questions:

  • Can you recall just how much every item in your home costs? To the last tube of toothpaste?
  • Do you have endless hours to research the value of each of these items?
  • Are the insurance companies contractors REALLY working for you? Or their own self-guided interests?
  • Are you sure that the insurance company will offer you the amount you are truly owed?
  • Do you fully comprehend your policy, guidelines and fine print?

We here at Accurate Claim Services, LLC are very knowledgeable of these answers and more… We will guide you through your loss and definitions, so that you can understand the claims process and see the value we provide.

Are you familiar with the forms/practices below and what their request/issuance is referring to?

  • Request for a Proof of Loss.
  • Reservation of Rights letter.
  • Request for an Examination Under Oath.

Do you know your policy limits? If you suffer extensive damages, be aware that cleaning companies usually get paid “off the top” and are protected based on the agreement that you sign (it’s in the fine print). You may end up paying them large fees to clean items you might otherwise discard. If you are marginally or under insured, it may come out of your pocket and reduce the amount of money you have to replace your necessary personal property.

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