We are experts in all Industry Standards regarding Estimation, Evaluation, Extraction and Restoration/Rebuild.

We provide assistance with not only structure/dwelling damages, but with content/property damages and any additional or necessary living expenses/temporary housing. We are experts in negotiating claims to ensure that you are left with a higher settlement than your insurance company has previously offered.

Your Insurance Claim Advisor!

We analyze your coverage, help prepare and file the extensive and detailed paperwork required to submit your claim, and ultimately get you the maximum reimbursement to which you are legitimately entitled – in a timely and efficient manner.

Accurate Claim Services, LLC offers experience, integrity and knowledge necessary to settle your claim in a fair and timely manner. Our professional company understands the claims process, and will bring you piece of mind to your side of the bargaining table. Our results are valued throughout the industry by clients, and peers.

When should I involve a Public Adjuster?

Immediately! As soon as you recognize the problem… every second counts. The longer the exposure the less likely chance of a successful salvage.

Our experienced team will save you time and money because we know the process and demands required to prepare your claim quickly and correctly. The end result is usually a faster, more generous check to you.

Because of this expertise, many attorneys and professionals within the industry recommend and rely on Accurate Claim Services, LLC for assistance in property-claim settlements. However, Accurate Claim Services, LLC is not a legal firm – we are professionals in the insurance industry who work on the side of the policyholder rather than the insurance company.

Insurance companies in a negative light.

In some cases, insurance companies attempt to make a “First-Call Settlement” offer or denial; which is usually drastically underpaid. Leaving you frustrated with your experience. You pay years of expensive premiums only to be shocked when you are offered next to nothing for your loss. Claims adjusters work for insurance companies. Even if they are called “independent adjusters,” they nevertheless are hired by your insurance company to represent its interests. These adjusters can handle your claim, but it is up to you to prove the value of your loss.

Our Public Adjusters on the other hand, work only for you. We will navigate the process to relieve you of much of the work and worry. Our fee structure is not one-size-fits-all: It is individualized to your specific situation. It is normally based on a percentage of your claim, and represents a small amount in relation to your overall claim.

It is important to remember, that in general, Accurate Claim Services, LLC is able to help you get more – often much more – than you are likely to receive without our assistance, experience and expertise, not to mention the time, hassle and stress our team can help you to avoid.

We work for you. Not your insurance company. Call now for your free consultation. 443-829-4477