Don’t Fall for the False Sense of Security with your Insurance Company!

Many company insurance adjusters will discourage you from using a Public Adjuster. Only to offer you a settlement that is UNFAIR and will leave you feeling VERY INSULTED.

We are your advocate, on your side and at your service.

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Accurate Claim Services, LLC is well known for achieving ease of success. We will evaluate your loss and get you a fair settlement. This process will be completed in a timely manner, as we understand this is a frustrating time for the insured.

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It is important to remember, that in general, Accurate Claim Services, LLC is able to help you get more – often much more – than you are likely to receive without our assistance, experience and expertise, not to mention the time, hassle and stress our team can help you to avoid.

We work for you. Not your insurance company.

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Nothing speaks to you better than our clients experience with our services. References available upon request.

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Each of our team members were meticulously hand selected to achieve a tremendous company standard of customer care and professionalism to ensure you have ease of mind through your claims process.

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Our experts are thoroughly trained and experienced masters in Carpentry and Restoration. All team members dedicated to easing your stress and getting your life back on track as swiftly and thoroughly as possible.

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Our mission is to service you and your claim in an organized timely manner, dealing with your insurance company. We will settle your claim favorably, and get you the money you deserve.

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